The Approach


Due to the fast pace of change in technology and, therefore, of communities, FACE’s vision of fathers is that they can only continue to be relevant, credible leaders for the healthy development of their children and communities, only by being students themselves.  FACE, therefore, prefers the term, “fathership” to the more static term fatherhood. “Fathership” implies a more open-ended, dynamic mission that requires constant vigilance, learning and social interactions with children, youth, and other dads and adults, not to mention schools and the institutions that make up the civic fabric.

FACE’s work is not the application of a “canned” curriculum but the application of a framework that flexes and builds on local environments to promote systemic change and, thus, sustainability.

The FACE framework is anchored on the following characteristics of fathers’ contributions:
Caring visible to children and youth
Original (represent one of the two genders)
Opportunities for learning and teaching
Offer a hand
Leadership and vision
! Fun and motivating.

Or in Spanish:
Cuidado visible a los niños y a la juventud
Original (representan uno de los géneros)
Oportunidades de aprendizaje y enseñanza
Ofrecen la mano
Liderazgo y vision
! Diversión y motivadores

FACE is a regular participant in state and national conferences.

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