Dad and son work on race car

A key feature of the FACE activities is that they are held primarily during the school day to connect fathers with the student body, the administration, and the campus instructional culture, hence forming a true partnership. The participation of fathers during the school day has implications for fathers’, students’, teachers’ and businesses’ conception of the roles of dads and the workplace in the community, which is an example of how FACE would fulfill it mission to  “transform civic life.”

In effect, FACE “unpacks” the concept and expectations of “parental involvement” and focuses on fathers to complement the usually much greater participation of mothers and the tendency of teachers to primarily communicate with mothers.  Furthermore, the FACE models shatter the stereotypes and usual patterns of fathers and other parents becoming less involved in their children’s education after 5th grade and that secondary students do not want their dads and other parents around in their schools. While not always easy to overcome, the barriers to the engagement of fathers at the middle and high school levels can be – and have been – overcome.