FACE Celebrates 10-Year Systemic Father-Student Models that Transform GEAR UP and Title I Parent Engagement

FACE postcard-wide shot rally flag bkgrd2013 marks FACE’s 10th year transforming father engagement.

FACE has blazed models involving thousands of dads from 15 school districts, primarily in South Texas.

Like sprockets, FACE’s GEAR UP partnerships have also turned the cogs of Title I and 21st Century CLC programs. As a result, FACE has systemically engaged pipelines of communities of fathers and students, elementary through high school. The most evolved FACE model conveys the outcome of an aligned, sustained, multi-funded P-12 college and career readiness vision.

In the FACE lexicon, “fatherhood” is traded in for robust fathership and “absent fathers” is traded in for invisible fathers, the latter signaling the need for systemic, male inclusive, cultural changes in P-16 education.

In FACE activities fathers and students work together, usually during a school day, often with a “teacher feature” (TEKS). FACE staples are fun bonding activities and hands-on cooperative learning activities framed with a P-16 visual.

As a result, educators—and students!—find their eyes filled with fathers laughing in their campuses with minds, hearts and aspirations overflowing from wells of immeasurable student development and college and career readiness assets – not to mention with an invigorated civic purpose.

FACE shatters the stereotype that fathers are “just” less involved than mothers or that children and teens don’t want their fathers/parents around after 5th grade.

Highlights of FACE’s 10-year accomplishments include:

A FACE Father-Student Leadership Team model composed of dads and students initially from Alice ISD but later including members from Brooks County and Odem Edroy ISDs.

A FACE Father-Student College Tour model that invites higher ed institutions to makes dads visible partners in students’ experiences of higher education environments and relationships.

Five consecutive years of Interdistrict father-student events and rallies, creating a regional community of fathers, often visible in English and Spanish language mass media.

An annual Interdistrict Student Essay contest acknowledging student perceptions of fathers’ contributions and to affirm student writing (ELA) as a civic asset.

Business/org. Partnerships: Iberdrola Renewables, E.ON Climate & Renewables, Boy Scouts – South TX Council, that have led to innovative STEM and TEKS-aligned, hands-on, experiential, P-16 collaborative learning models.

Father/student programs in Alice, Brooks County, Kingsville, Mathis, Corpus Christi, Robstown, Poteet, Seguin, Beeville, Taft, West Oso, Frisco, San Diego, and Premont ISDs.

Partner – GEAR UP state grants: TGAP, 2003-06 and STAR, 2006-12, the latter integrated instructors and professors (Faculty Fellows) from TAMUCC and TAMUK in FACE father/student activities and events.

To see the photo gallery of FACE GEAR UP activities, events, and workshops in the last decade, click here.